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Ride Length DDoR Cost
$20 + $2.50 per mile
Taxi Cab Cost
$5.80 for the 1st mile, $3.00 per mile after + $.50 per minute
8 Miles $20 + $20 = $40.00 $5.80 + $21 + $5 = $31.80
15 Miles $20 + $37.50 = $57.50 $5.80 + $42 + $9.40 = $57.20
20 Miles $20 + $50 = $70.00 $5.80 + $57 + $14.40 = $77.20
Having your car parked in
your driveway the next morning
Priceless Not Happening

Designated Drivers of Rochester – Your Source for Designated Driver Services throughout Kenmore and Grand Island, NY

After a night out on the town and making the decision that you are not ok to drive, there is no better feeling than waking up the next morning with your car parked safely in your driveway. With traditional taxi services in Kenmore and Grand Island, this is not possible but with Designated Drivers of Rochester, we will get you and your care home safely no matter where you are or what time of day / night you need us.

Transportation Services in Kenmore and Grand Island, NY

Here at Designated Drivers of Rochester, we understand the dangers involved with getting behind the wheel after a few drinks and we also understand that sometimes you just need to have your vehicle home. It is these factors that prompted us to offer a transportation service in Kenmore and Grand Island, NY that is like no other. Our rates are comparable (if not cheaper) than traditional taxi transportation and you don’t have to worry about locating and retrieving your vehicle the next day.

Designated Driving Services you can Count on in Kenmore and Grand Island, New York

Continue browsing through our website for additional information on our products and services as well as pricing options. Think twice before you get behind the wheel after consuming alcoholic beverages and know you can count on Designated Drivers of Rochester to get you and your car home safely no matter where you are. Give us a call today for more information at 716-713-7703!

Designated of Drivers of Rochester and Taxi Cab Cost Comparison



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