How it works:

Step 1: Call 585-880-0380 to make a reservation.

Step 2: We will dispatch a team of uniformed drivers to meet you at your location at the time you choose.

Step 3: We will Drive you home in the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle.

Step 4: You will arrive home safely, without risking a DWI or an accident.

Membership: *you do not have to be a member to use this service

$99 Annual Membership Fee.

Add a family member for an additional $49 per year.

Automatic renewal at $75 annually.


Member Rates for On-Demand Pickup Service is $25 plus $3 per mile.

Non-Member Rates for On-Demand Pickup Service is $35 plus $4 per mile.

Service  Member Rate  Non-Member Rate
Any Time Pick Up $25 + $3 per mile $35 + $4 per mile
Special Event Service See Special Events See Special Events
Rent-a-driver $35 per hour (3 hr min.) $45 per hour (3 hr min.)
Darien Lake $150.00 $175.00
Bills Game Pickup to Rochester $250.00 $300.00
Sabres Game Pickup to Rochester $250.00 $300.00
Medical Transport $25 + $3 per mile $35 + $4 per mile

Other Services:

On-Demand Pickup Service

On-Demand Pickup Service w/ Reservation

Driver by the Hour

Medical Transport

Special Event Service

Corporate Accounts

24 hr Advance reservations are mandatory for all services.

Gratuity for the drivers is always appreciated.


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