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Don’t take the chance of getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks, even if you think you are ok to drive. A couple of drinks can impair your ability to drive which can then lead to driving offenses, accidents, injuries and possible deaths. There is no reason to take these chances when you have Designated Drivers of Buffalo just a phone call away. When you take a taxi home from a night of drinking, you have to worry about picking up your vehicle the following morning. With Designated Drivers of Buffalo, we get you and your vehicle home safely at the same time!

Transportation Services in Blasdell, Clarence and Surrounding Buffalo, NY Suburbs

If you live in Blasdell or Clarence or other smaller suburbs surrounding Buffalo, NY and you feel that you know the roads well enough to drive drunk, you couldn’t be more wrong. Nowadays, law enforcement is cracking down more than ever on drunk drivers, so why take the chance? Many times, a driver’s excuse is that they need to get their vehicle home. Whether or not this is true, Designated Drivers of Buffalo has you covered with their driving services so this excuse is now a bad one.

Designated Driving Services in Clarence, Blasdell and Other Buffalo, NY Suburbs

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our driving services. If you have questions or are ready to schedule your pickup, give us a call at 716-713-7703 or send an email to Don’t take the chance, call us today!


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