Q. How does your service work?
A. After you call, we will send 2 uniformed drivers to your location.  One will drive you home in the comfort of your own car. The other will follow you to your destination, drop you and your car off, and leave.  It’s that simple!

Q. Is it safe?
A. Yes, all of our drivers have had a complete DMV and criminal background check before they are hired.  All drivers are trained through defensive driving and our own safety protocols.  Our drivers work in pairs so that the two are in sight of each other throughout the transport.  This is for your safety as well as theirs.

Q. Can I make a reservation for a transportation?
A. Yes and it is strongly encouraged.  Reservations are recommended to be made by 9:00 pm the night you need a ride.

Q. Will my employer know if I use your service?
A. No, people that use Designated Drivers of Rochester remain completely confidential.

Q. What if I want to go somewhere else before I go home?
A. We will only transport you home or to a place of accommodation.  We will not take you to another Bar or restaurant.

Q. What if I have friends riding with me?
A. We will transport as many people as can be safely seated in the car with our driver. They must all have a seatbelt plus one for our driver and we will make additional drop offs if in same general direction.  All extra stops are $5.00.

Q. Do you offer corporate packages?
A. Yes, and if you are intrested, please call (716) 812-4025 for details.

Q. If there is an accident in my car am I covered?
A. Yes, In New York State your insurance is the primary coverage.  DDoB and it’s drivers have multiple policies and are fully insured as well.

Q. What if I don’t have a car?
A. We will offer to call a cab for you.

Designated Drivers of Rochester – Designated Driving Services throughout Lewiston and Lackawanna, New York

If you are caught out after having one too many drinks and absolutely need to get your vehicle home that same night, Designated Drivers of Rochester has a service fit for you. Just give us a call and let us know where you are and we will send our drivers out to pick both you and your vehicle up and return them to your stated destination. With services such as these, there is absolutely no excuse to drive under the influence of alcohol again.

When you make the choice to get behind the wheel after consuming more than the legal amount of alcoholic beverages, you are making a choice that not only affects you, but can also affect your family, your friends and anyone else involuntarily involved with your crime. With so much to lose, why risk it? Designated Drivers of Rochester understands that circumstances may arise that require you to take the chance just so you can get your vehicle home. You don’t need to do this any longer. Trust Designated Drivers of Rochester to provide you with a service that can save you money, time and the embarrassment that comes along with a DWI or DUI.

Continue browsing through our website for additional information on our designated driver and other transportation services in Lewiston, Lackawanna and other areas throughout Rochester. If you are ready to set up a pick up, you can reach us by phone at 716-713-7703 or send an email to designateddriversofbuffalo@gmail.com!


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